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02085 - Talisman The Adventure - Games Workshop - Expansion Set


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02085 - Talisman The Adventure - Games Workshop - Expansion Set 

This is not a standalone game – you must own a copy of Talisman 1st or 2nd Edition to play.

The Talisman Adventure is the second expansion for Talisman - The Magical Quest Game.

Condition: New; OLD STOCK ; COMPLET; See pictures and judge. Please review the picture and any condition notes for the exact condition of this item. All pictures are my original photos.

The cards have never been used, are in NM condition.

The Main Box :VF ; There is some shelfwear along the edges, corner and surface of the main box. (see picture)

Talisman: The Adventure Rule Sheet;NM; (see picture)

Talisman Character Sheets (x6);NM; (see picture)

The “Yellow” Question and Answer Sheet;NM; (see picture)

Listed below are all the seventy (70) cards:

Alternate Ending Cards (6)
Belt of Hercules, Crown of Command, Demon Lord, Dragon King, Horrible Black Void and Pandora's Box

There are 8 Character Cards:
Centaur, Ninja, Orc, Samurai, Soldier, Warrior of Chaos, Witch Doctor and Woodsman.

There are 8 Playing Character Cards:
Centaur, Ninja, Orc, Samurai, Soldier, Warrior of Chaos, Witch Doctor and Woodsman.

There are 11 Spell Cards:
Finger of Death, Fireball (x3), Gust of Wind, Lightening Bolt, Misdirection, Reflection, Speed, Summon Storm and Water Walking.

There are 37 Adventure Cards:

Type 1: Event (4)
Fool's Gold, Jester, Werewolf and Whirlwind.

Type 2: Enemy – Monster (5)
Band of Zombies, Cave Troll, Griffon, Harpy and Chinese Dragon.

Type 3: Enemy – Spirit (4)
Ghast, Shadow, Vampire and Vampire Bats.

Type 4: Stranger (3)
Instructor, Leper and Pedlar.

Type 5: Object (10)
Bag of Gold (x3), Concealed Pouch, Golden Statue, Horse (x2), Horse and Cart (x2) and Warhorse.

Type 5: Magic Object (5)
Ancient Artifact, Bag of Carrying, Staff of Mastery and Talisman (x2).

Type 5: Follower (5)
Archer, Familiar, Man-at-Arms and Porter (x2).

Type 6: Place (1)


Published by TSR 1991

Product Code: 02085

Type: Expansion set

Made in Great Britain


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